: 800 – 2000 gr
Loading : 1 – 3 tons/ 20 ft
Texture : crunchy
Storage Condition : Sealed, temperature <20° C, humidity <40%



Coconut benefits us in many significant ways, other than just adding its rich creamy flavor to your dishes! Coconut is one such fruit that not only helps enrich your diet with essential nutrients, but also works for your skin, hair, and overall health

Dehydrated fruit is process of intense dehydration, it reduces water content to a minimum level. With the elimination of water was achieved of the fruit up to 20% of the original and on the other hand could stop the growth of bacteria that caused the deterioration of the fruit. The objective of the dehydration process is to preserve the color and vitamin of fruit. Our process using extra low sugar or without sugar, based on your specification. You can use this product for baking, toppings for cereal or smoothies, snacks bar, granola.